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Aumega Project – A great label in Germany who released Hola Sol and many other amazing psych, krautrock albums. Has a wicked radio show too!


Shore Dive Records – Brighton, UK based record label who released 3SWS. Lots of great shoegaze/dreampop/electronica/post-rock/ post-punk etc.

Transistor 66 Records – Winnipeg, Canada based record label who released Hola Sol in Canada. Tons of amazing Canadian bands on here, lots of friends in there.


Breakglass Studios – AS friend Jace Lasek’s  (Besnard Lakes) Montreal Studio (Arcase Fire, SUUNS, Stars, Fly Pan Am). Recorded Hola Sol Trio there. Jace is incredible all around.


Operation Northwoods Darryl Neudorf – (Neko Case, Blue Rodeo, The Sadies). AS recorded the last couple of albums with Darryl. Amazing Guy!


Peerless Mastering Jeff Lipton. (Battles, Arcade Fire, Burning Spear, Meat Puppets, Lightning Bolt, Sebadoh) Jeff mastered some of AS ‘Turn Them Off’ record. Super awesome guy and helps indie artists rate-wise.


Grey Market Mastering Harris Newman (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think, Besnard Lakes, Rheostatics) Harris mastered the first 2 records and Gathering as well. 


Home Street Recording Co. Jeffrey Patteson. Absent Sound, both Rob (SoHoly HeadCase) and Dave (Twin) recorded some much needed demos/ albums  with the wonderful Jeff!


ElementSircus Festival – Absent Sound Created/ Curated with the enormous help of Ragpickers- ElementSircus was an annual experimental multimedia small-scale festival celebrating on the longest day and night of the year – Winter and Summer Solstice.


20 Guitar Circular Wall Of Angelic Sound – Rob’s guitar wall creation turned into an annual sonic event. Locations included the Graffiti Gallery, Oodena Circle – The Forks, and Winnipeg New Music Festival at the West End Cultural Centre.


2-Ply Collective Winnipeg – The place where it all started. 1993-2008, Best friends Ham, HellinaCopter, Absent Sound, Kaw-Liga, Spiral Spectacular, Room 237, National Monument and friends would jam, smoke and dream up endless sonic possibilities that would manifest into realities.


Graffiti Gallery Winnipeg – This place is Winnipeg’s answer to New York style warehouse art spaces. It has been host for the bulk of AS related events and there is not a cooler place to lose yourself in the music and arts on any given night.


Teargas Recording Tree – Saskatoon – A group of like minded artists/ musicians that did many cool collective projects including releasing music and art across Canada. They worked with AS for the first two releases and also co-organised an ElementSircus in Saskatoon. There was a pretty tight knit community growing with really great shows being organised back and forth between Winnipeg and Saskatoon.


No List Records – Lee Repko – New Noise of the North. Awesome Winnipeg record label run by our buddy Lee Repko. (Kittens/ Shallow ND, Kenmode, Great Sabatini, Bison). No List put out the AS album ‘It’s All True’.