Sonic Youth fusing GY!BE, Velvet Underground, & Terry Riley = Absent Sound

Absent Sound is Canadian-Métis experimental solo artist, Robert Menard. He explores hypnotic feedback drones,

repetitive record skip beats, psychedelic post-rock guitar melodies, and ambient noise gauze in his music.

He wields a multitude of instruments and devices to create his “music meditations”, including 4 track cassette

recorders, minidisc, record player, cell phones, tape players, tanpura drone machine, tape loops, laptop,

indigenous drums, & a whole lot of guitar pedals.

Menard has been accompanied by a variety of musicians in different forms for several years, but has recently 

scaled back to his original solo mainstay.

The full band were best experienced in a live setting, where they brought their colossal guitars, off-kilter beats,

synths & vocals to new heights.

Menard and the band shared stages with Lee Ranaldo, Damo Suzuki, The Besnard Lakes, Do Make Say Think,

Feist, Braids, Fly Pan Am, Mono, Growing, Tania Tagaq, DD//MM//YYYY, Fucked Up to name a few.






Absent Sound and co. have created the very successful bi-annual sonic, multi-media, costumed event, ElementSircus, Menard’s Winnipeg Psych Fest, & his annual 20 Guitar Circular Wall Of Angelic Sound which have drawn hundreds of very loyal crowds over the years.


Absent Sound Past Members 

Kelly Castle – drums, percussion, vocals.

David Fort – guitars, bass, vocals, film scratcher.

Josh Butcher – keys, synth, percussion, noise makers, vocals.

Brian Longfield – stilt walking pantomime, films/ videos. 

Natalia Zielinski – violins.

Doreen Girard – cellos.

Jim Demos – drums, vocals, bass.

Scott Ellenberger – bass, synth, noise makers.

Steve Pennicook – drums

Mike Ozero – synths, guitar, electronics, noise makers.

Freya Olafson – contemporary dancer, artist.

Jordan Sound – sound